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Single: Deadweight
Released: February 27, 2019
Genre: Slamming Deathcore
Location: Michigan, USA

00:08-00:50 (Caleb Branham - LowLife)
dead weight
We're so fucking overjoyed to drag each other to the grave
We coveted the blood we revel in the violence

00:50-01:15 (Tom Barber - Chelsea Grin, ex Lorna Shore)
dead weight
things will never change
we will only die
and when it all ends
even our cells choose to divide
maggots as one
they wriggle as they writhe
are you even listening
we are the demise

01:15-01:45 (Rheese Peters - Babirusa, The Senate, Protoform, ex A Night In Texas)
You exist to fool yourself
Creating problems to overcome and once done regard that as how a society should be run
Destructive, oppressive, impulsive and jealous
You are death incarnate, killing yourself from the inside out and everything else around
Demanding, greedy, spiteful and sadistic
You are downright mad, accumulate until there's nothing left but a fucking wasteland"

01:45-02:15 (Ben Mason - Bound In Fear)
Hidden inside the system,
Within it’s broken rules,
Lingers the vile corruption,
Manipulated fools,
We live our lives like pieces of meat,
Feeding the machine
Always so fucking hungry
The invisible regime
We are but pawns in society

02:15-02:37 (Jordan James - Disentomb)
Don't die for me
A sign im already dead, dead

02:37-02:45 (Caleb Branham - LowLife)
We were all carved from the same slab of shit

02:45-03:20 (Alex Terrible - Slaughter To Prevail)
you are looking in my eyes the fucking hatred.
it is right in front of your fucking face.
the fear that you radiate I feel.
I hate hypocrisy. You had wolfish eyes, but the scream of fear when death comes

03:20-03:45 (Cj McCreery - Lorna Shore, ex Signs of the Swarm)
Repulsive disgusting swine bathing in repressed filth. Choke on your embarrassment.

03:45-04:23 (Duncan Bently - Vulvodynia, XavlegbmaofffassssitimiwoamndutroabcwapwaeiippohfffX, Harvest Misery)
Extraterrestrial Plague of this earth. These beasts know how to get beneath our skin. Our worst enemy hurts our own kind as much as your own unguided souls. Our own worst enemy is living between our own two ears. Upon humanity the beast shall feast. My God what a sweet release. Upon this altar humanity I'll sacrifice. I'll seek the hate in you whilst fucking every orifice.

04:23-04:50 (Cj McMahon - Thy Art Is Murder)
You are fucking scum. I'll take your head, I hope you bleed from your lungs. There's no room here for you, you are a fucking disease. You are the enemy.

04:50-05:18 (Ben Duer - Shadow Of Intent, Hollow Prophet)
Fear instilled through my heart, I am alive
The fuse nears its end, just a breath away
Armagedon unfolding pestilent abolishment unfurled
Handed down to man by the gods
Slaying the despondent wraith
Plagued by this uncertainty
Severed in sanctimony
Weve made our mark on this dying world

05:18-05:45 (Jamie Hanks - I Declare War, Sacrificer)
Reject, refuse turn away all who stuff your head in the sand.
Its sickining to see you, with your nose up so high. sadistic mind taking advantage of all loss. Pry on the weak Wait for the sick to die.

05:45-06:44 (Dan Watson - Enterprise Earth, Mire Lore, ex Infant Annihilator)
I’ve been waiting in darkness
Watching the world in chaos
Brother against brother
Tearing each other part
Your bones wither and dry out in the sun
The unworthy creations must be undone
Now listen to me
You are the vermin
The unworthy creations must be undone

Produced by Sammy Morales
Additional Production, Bass, and Mastering by Keir Campbell
Logo and Emblem by Glorious Gorification
Single Artwork by Abomination Imagery

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"All rights reserved go to the band & label, I do not own any rights on the audio & images in this video."

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