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(Official) Crucible of Titans - Rapheumets Well


Rapheumets Well
Crucible of Titans
Test Your Metal Records

Chapter Four- Crucible of Titans

Srai returned to the hall of king where Sotath as well as the other two demonic sentinels, Vhul and Qrol sat in counsel to reveal the spy Darmak. Sotath, ever so calmly spoke “what are we to do with a mortal who’s eyes and ears are blessed by Aknta himself. We cannot simply kill this dungir for his spirit will flee with all the secrets that his tongue could not re-create”. Then he turned to the three and exclaimed “If the other elders find truth in Darmak’s words, we will only know the darkness of the lost realm of Xuul, banished for eternity. We must silence the mortal and then we must portray him as an agent of opposition. But by what method can you erase a mortal without killing it”? Srai then spoke “rip the strings of cosmos for it is between the realms that the eyes of heaven cannot see. It is in remote sinews of the Nastar, in the deserts where the souls lost dwell he can remain”. Vhul then whispers to Sotath “do not let his soul depart, a stone I have, an artifact. Bind it to his bones, a life eternal he will have pain infinite to not feel deaths remorse”. Qrol gleamed his eyes upon the three and spoke “Physical pain will diminish, kill his wife and seed. Let him know what we have done. He will walk the desert until the end of time. His skin will be stripped from his bones, his eyes and his tongue from his face and he will carry the cursed artifact until his spirit breaks into pieces”. This is the crucible of titans!
So forth, the nefarious plan was in motion. Being led by the three Nastarien specters, Sunak soldiers surrounded Darmak’s dwelling. Stabbing and beating him, they bound his hands and feet. To Darmak and Eyda’s disbelief Daasha, Eyda’s best friend had ratted Darmak out. Being a seer, she was one of the first inhabitants to be recruited under Sotath’s rule. She stood at the entrance as the soldiers overtook the house. Darmak was forced to look on as his family, wife and two children slain. A portal opened before Darmak and before him and he was dragged in. In the realm between realms, the eternal desert of the Nastar they ripped his flesh, marked him with the artifact cursed, they tore out his eyes and his tongue out. In the Nastar, he would walk the desert never knowing death. Three demons, clones of Srai, Vhul, and Qrol would walk behind him cursing him, mocking him; they would stab him, reciting the methods of murdering his family.

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