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DYING FETUS - "Homicidal Retribution" (Official HD Music Video)


DYING FETUS - "Homicidal Retribution" official music video taken from the album 'War of Attrition'SUBSCRIBE: at Relapse: at iTunes: on Bandcamp: now on CD/Digital via Relapse RecordsDirector: Frankie Nasso for Raging Nation FilmsProducer: Kim Restighini for Raging Nation FilmsOfficial links: my faith in justiceTime does not heal this painDefiled my existenceRecurring nightmareThere's no consolationThe awful memoriesConstant mind coercionInstinctive vengeanceI have nothing left to loose nowOnly time, regret and angerPain to last a hundred lifetimesHatred burning, love extinctCompound insult of bullshit humanismMisplaced rights, inflame my rageVacant cause, offender the victimFuck that worthless piece of shitAs long as you live on this earthRage unsatisfiedMemories dishonoredRetribution!!!Giving hardened criminalsPreferential treatmentSettlement, live in prisonBetter than you deserveJury of your peers, unable to do the jobObliged by procedure, evidence examinationNow I'm coming for you, there will be no mistrialCitizen retaliation, the mode of your demiseMoral speculation, some other poor bastard's lifeThe system has fucked up, left this hollow voidThere will be no comfort, this sickness is terminalSemblance of justice, infuriating liesLies arquitted, guilt answered, you will not escapeCold, my revenge and my bloodHate, nothing can stop it nowDeath, the only end I acceptHell, punishment I requireCurse, execrate, I must killPain, I inflict mercilessScream, piercing cries, agonyYou should have pled guilty or killed yourselfUnshakable conviction, is all I have to live forExcruciating terror, the violations you delight inUseless human excrement, you deserve a life of shitMake you suffer ruthlessness, I cannot relinquish the honorSoul I condemn, fucking deadNothing will ever be made right againThe path of damnation I hasten you on my wayEvery day you lived from then is one more day you owe meIf killing you destroys myself, I wouldn't have it any other wayFine line between honor and horror, my every action justifiedInnocence destroyed, needs anguish to cleanse impurityTemporary insanity, obeys a singular purposeYour death row is here and now, the only righteous endingDie and die again, as I cut and mutilateYou are fucking worthless, I don't give a fuck about youBlood your insides spayed, placates my hostilityEnd my days a killer, stripped of everything that mattered

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