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DYING FETUS - "From Womb to Waste" (Official Music Video)


DYING FETUS - "From Womb to Waste" official music video from the album 'Reign Supreme'SUBSCRIBE: at Relapse: ‪‬Order on iTunes: ‪‬Order on Bandcamp: now on CD/Digital via Relapse RecordsDirector: Scott Official links: urge to conceive like animals blind in heatBut they're human, all the same copulation compulsion to breed, just anatomy andInstinct lust consumed but the product is a human lifeA malicious maternal seed spewed forth in precarious birth from the womb into the trashPrecious, twisting life, crawling on the filth of the dumpster floorOnly known to the mother in guilt, as she stumbles from the alley covered in fliesWith a ten mile stare dead to the world she never gave one fuck for the childinside...noneSucks the crack pipeIn shame just to forgetYet with another hitShe's on the streets againIn another lifeShe once had hopeBut that went down the drainAlong with her prideNurses habitually resignedTossing the carcass, in the waste binDeath legally designed?Or fixing the future with quick extraction?Conceived and thrown awayFrom womb into the wasteHuman trashPutrid the bodies overrunAborted removal with cold precisionTools specifically designedForcing fetal terminationBlind the morally enragedBomb the clinic into oblivionKill the killer they will sayJustice through murder goes both waysConceived and thrown awayFrom womb into the wasteOne more girl, mortifiedNever knew what was growing withinObese diseased down on her kneesShe gave birth on the toilet seatInsert anesthetizeLate term feticideOrphan spawned from rapeShort lived half a faceCrackhead whore for hostHatching living ghostsPregnant drunk and highIt was no surprise when she left it there to dieOne more girl who could never conceivePsychopath maternity-madTook a steel bat to a mother's headHacked her up and took the baby outOne more girl six months inTakes a hanger and a bottle of pillsThe pro-life priest has nothing to sayAs the embryo's scraped awayStraight in the trash with the unborn offspring...Generations dead in timeProgeny unwantedDead flesh pile a mass of cells 10 more bags and the landfill swellsRipened mass fetal decay no one cares were they human anyway?

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