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DYING FETUS - "Fallacy" (Official Audio)


'Wrong One To Fuck With' out now CD/2xLP/Digital via Relapse Records.
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Scratching of the surface, to self-redemption
Every sinners' calling, to bathe in forgiveness
Confess to man, to pardon what you have done
A higher place above where all transgression is gone
Not all commandments broken are from the pious
Bowing to the altar of the public's estimation

Perpetrators to be shamed, ostracized existence
Forced out of the spotlight, time to beg visibly
Purged of the crisis, claiming to recognize
Time served in rehab, arise in new-found glory

Clearly caught red-handed, before the mob takes action
Bowing down to Oprah clearly the best decision
Provided that you kiss the ring, make the payment in full
Cleansed of wrongdoing, newly earned protections

Armor of apology
Bow down to the dogma
Paid absolution
What the fuck?

Misled, inflated, busted
Time to learn your place
Circle the wagons, initiate
Judged by your own

Elites that cow down their peers, in convicting status
Racist, junkie, selfish, dummy; diminishing apparatus
Discerning citizenry performing obligatory duty
Judgments made in back-stabbing ways, makes for traitorous company
Busted for any sins that reflect on the sophisticate's conduct
Made an example for engrossed public's narrow focus

Misled, inflated, busted
Time to learn your place
Circle the wagons, initiate
Judged by your own

Celebrity and fame the industry built on envy
Disgraced now disappear, then return to the aristocracy

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