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Dawn Of Dementia - Earth Reciprocation (ft. Hannes Grossmann) 2014


Dawn Of Dementia - Earth Reciprocation (ft. Hannes Grossmann) 2014Recorded at: Threshold Studios, w/ Brian "Bone" ThorburnTrack 3/10Music by: Derick Harshbarger and Joel SchwallierLyrics by: Joel SchwallierFollowing the generations of industrial terraform, Earth remains inhabitable miles above the now living soilThe last cities constructed as mechanical terraces and spires, concentric about the CitadelThrough the bleakness of this construct, rises but one great spireThe surrounding skies corrode unto perpetually looming haze, suppressing all sight beyond our city Miles upon miles of virulence and mire swarm in turmoil, where once ocean and land resided.The remaining face of our land reflects the face of Agony, a writhing mass of humanities squandered waste, stretching beyond the farthest sight there stands humanities offering, and now our last great spectacle in the glimpse of our existence. Inferus, the final metropolis of a forlorn race, ran dry the vitality of the world below. This system, consumed by avarice, now drowns in the neglect of its flaws. The pinnacle of this ambition left only a residue of obsolescence, and the remnants are approaching naught. Forever bound to live like, This great steel monolith, and all secrets within the Citadel gates will live beneath the waves of her vehemence, As the epoch of humanity approaches cessation. The only future is to drain this turbulent ocean into the depths of the earth, infecting the deepest chasms and foundation, Forever bound to live like cancer beneath the surface. The righteous becomes the ruined,Earth Reciprocation, Planetary Migration. Forever bound to live like cancer beneath the surface. The righteous becomes the ruined.

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