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BornBroken - The Years of Harsh Truths and Little Lies - (OFFICIAL VIDEO SINGLE)


The Years of Harsh Truths and Little Lies…

"This is a world of lies" The Title track to this release. We live in a time where reality is now a station on the internet and controlled by a select few in the 1%. It's sad to say that we live in time where people are afraid to stand up and speak for themselves and most do not really care. If we soon do not open up our eyes and see what is really happening around us , the world will turn around and bite back and we will not be prepared for it.


​I cannot breathe, I cannot feel or think of nothing
I only see a world of shit that lies before me
2 words
(wake up)
or just
(fuck off)
The means to the end is near

Are we too complicated to be fully understood
life takes its toll on us, no one is prepared to die
(lets face it)
You may not really want to know what I have to say
(who I am doesn’t matter)
nothing last forever, become a slave to desire

(This is our New Life)
These are the years of harsh truths and little lies
(This is our new life)
This is our world of lies we can’t deny
(This is our world of lies)
We can’t deny
(These are the years of harsh truths and little lies)

Without failure the pleasure of success is lost
Do I have to live
(to be alive)
The earth is not a fairy tale but a bitter cold bitch that will spit (back at you)
Blood, fire, and Faith, flings us back in a struggle to survive


I cannot breathe or think of nothing
I only see shit that lies before me
I’ll take what I can I know I have a choice
This is the harsh truth
Can you survive?

This is our New Life x4

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